Cattle drive is the signature activity of The Hideout Lodge and Guest Ranch. Of course working with cattle is just one of many activities we offer. The Hideout offers its guests more genuine and necessary cattle work than any other guest ranch, bar none. Whatever cattle work -- branding or cattle drives -- that you might participate in, there is no make-believe or pretend about it on our ranch. If you sign up for cattle work, expect to step back in time and come away with a better understanding of what it means to be a cowboy.

sdfThe Hideout is unique in the amount of cattle work we offer, and the horses in the guest string are contributing in the daily work of the ranch. Some days the morning cattle work continues into the afternoon, in fact some days the "Cowboy Crew" doesn't even arrive back at the ranch until dinner time, so be warned that if you choose to do cattle work, reality sometimes dictates a long day.

The personable men and women who make up our team of professional wranglers enjoy sharing their horsemanship knowledge to enhance your riding experience. Riders must be in excellent physical condition with at least intermediate level horsemanship skills, and willing to spend 7-10 hours in the saddle. Work is done in a controlled fashion that is not stressful to livestock and that elicits good horsemanship skills.

Cattle Work Employment

Seeking long or short-term position on cow/calf or yearling sdfoperation. Compensation varies from position to position but usually includes salary, room and board, a share of the seasonal tip pool and use of the facilities and horses when off duty. The more flexible you are in the type of position you would like, the more likely you are to be successful.

Genuine horse riding skills and/or cattle experience obviously increases the chances of employment. If working in a peaceful mountain setting appeals to you, we would like staccato application for Seasonal Employment which begins in March. Please stop by to complete an application or download our application and mail or email to us at




The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch is looking to hire 1 or 2 wrangler / cowboys to take guest ranch guests out riding and doing cattle work. We would appreciate cowboy / wranglers with a ranching background and a culture of handling cattle, horses and people with a low stress attitude. You need to be able to rope, be comfortable driving a pick up truck pulling 8 horses gooseneck stock trailer in the mountains respecting our equipment. A good sense of humor is always appreciated and above all we require honest, respectable, polite and humble personalities with great work ethics. You will be reporting to our head wrangler & horse trainer Ramon Castro.

Please send your resume and riding video to addressed to Peter De Cabooter


  During the summer there’s always cattle work to be done. 
Early July is the time of year when we move cows and calves from the basin to our high mountain pastures. Our Angus herd shares over 100,000 acres with wild horses and free-range livestock.


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